How to do Mala Meditation


Mala Beads Bracelet


Are you new to meditating and find it difficult for you to start off? Perhaps this post will help you out.

If you're like most beginners, you don't know how to use your Mala beads and you're surfing the net to find out how you can use the Mala beads bracelet in your meditation and mantra.

First off: you will need your Mala beads bracelet. Get yours in the link to get a discount. 


1. Find a Mantra For Your Session

  • A good meditation requires a good mantra. It can be anything from a short sentence like "I am happy and courageous" or "I am content with what I have". Anything that will bring positive energy to your life will help you. Remember that a Mala bracelet has 108 beads and each time after you finish a mantra you will slide your Mala beads.

2. Hang the Mala beads With Your Right Hand

  • In the world of spirituality, we believe that the human fingers represent different aspects of life. The thumb is divinity, index finger is ego, middle finger is your mind, ring finger is your body and pinky finger is your spirit.
  • Hold your Mala beads bracelet with your right hand and hold down one bead beside the Guru beads with your thumb and 3 fingers. Don't include the index finger/ego finger as we want to leave ego out of it.

3. Close Your Eyes and Start Meditating

  • Repeat your mantra and every time you finish it, slide the bead with your thumb moving onto the next.
  • Exhale and Inhale deeply in the process, try to focus on the mantra.
  • Your mind will wander off from time to time, it is normal. Just come back focusing on the mantra.

4. End of 108 Rotations

  • As you approach the Guru beads, you will feel it with your hands. You have two options: you can either continue by reversing the beads or you can stop your meditation.
  • Either way is fine as you have finished a session of your Mala meditation.


Remember, there is no correct way of meditating. Find the one that suits you and happy meditating! :)