How to Activate your Mala Beads

As you can see through the video, TinyDevotions has taken the time to explain to us how to activate our mala beads bracelet.

The secret is:

1. Imagine a Light Flowing Through Your Mala Beads/ Mala Bracelet:

  • Hold your Mala Beads into your hands and visualize the energy flowing inside you, along with your deepest desires 

2. Control Your Breathing 

  • Both inhale and Exhale. Imagine that the Mala is a vessel for your spirituality

3. Visualize Your Life, How it Looks, How it Feels

  • While breathing, imagine the memories of your life, how you want it to be and appreciate the every thoughts that comes to your mind.

4. Manifest Your Deepest Desires into the Mala Beads Bracelet

  • Last but not least before you end your session, manifest your desires into the Mala bracelet. Your energy along with your deepest desires will be contained inside the Mala beads.